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If you do a search for article directories you will find there are hundreds of sites that will accept your article. These sites do not pay for your submission. Rather, they give you the chance for major exposure.

What is an article directory?

An article directory is a list of articles written by various authors about specific topics. Each directory will have its own article guidelines as to restrictions, length, topics and links.

 What use is an article directory?

Not everyone is a writer. Websites, newsletters and blogs need constant content relevant to their niche or topic. Rather than write it themselves or hire a writer, they use the free articles in article directories.

What’s in it for the article writer?

At the beginning or end of a content piece found in an article directory is the author’s name or pseudo name and a short paragraph about him including a link to his website and/or his latest work. Some include the author’s photo.

Why does this help the author?

When an author’s article is used from an article directory, they must use it with everything intact. Otherwise they are plagiarizing the author. In return, the author gets traffic or exposure.

A piece used in a newsletter can be seen by tens of thousands. A good blog can be seen by thousands.

How Can I Earn More From My Current Posts?

If the topic you write a free article about is the main topic you write several different posts about at a venue such as SeraphicInsights, including a link to your author page for more information on this topic or a specific link to another post on the topic will generate quite a bit of traffic that will translate into ad revenue.

Isn’t this a lot of work?

Website owners, newsletter editors and bloggers are always on the lookout for good quality content. If their readers enjoy your article directory piece, you may be contacted by the owner to write for him for pay. You get to negotiate price, deadlines and whether to be a ghostwriter or have a byline.

If you don’t want to get that involved, just stick to linking posts or your author page. If you make regular submissions to article directories, you can begin to see traffic to your posts rise from hundreds to thousands per day.

Search your article directory submission title.

Once you start using article directories for your submissions, periodically check your title through the search engine of your choice to see who is using it and if your personal information is intact.

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