What is a good pet besides a dog or cat?

The most common pets most people have are a dog or a cat. Sometimes those particular animals are just not suitable for everyone though. There are many animals that can make great pets but you should really think about it and do some research before jumping right into owning a pet. Here are now a couple good pet suggestions when trying to figure out what is a good pet besides a dog or cat.


The rabbit, or also know as a bunny, can make for a great pet. I would know because I have one. I just love my pet bunny and I really think that it’s quite different from a cat or dog. The bunny requires a cage while cats and dogs usually do not. Like a cat though my bunny is litter trained. Not all bunnies are litter trained but the nice thing about them is that they can be.

I would recommend a bunny to someone who doesn’t want too much of an active pet. Don’t get me wrong through, bunnies do need their exercise. I usually just let my bunny run around in the living room to get his exercise. Overall though the bunny will be content in his cage and that’s what I meant about the bunny not being too active. Bunnies can be a lot of work though if you want them to live a long healthy life. I feed my bunny fresh food and it’s always important that they have fresh water as well so you would at least need to have time to take care of the bunny, like all pets.

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The bird is an interesting animal. There are so many different types of birds and obviously some make better pets than others. I think the one thing you should really research about before selecting a bird as a pet is to check it’s noise level. These animals can be quite loud and some simply are loud because they are happy. They simply can just be singing and whistling along. If that bothers you then maybe the bird isn’t the right choice for you. I used to have birds but when I became a writer I had to give them to a rescue because I couldn’t get any work done with them squawking all day long. Some birds are quite lovely though and will only chirp a little bit so don’t be afraid of all birds’ chirps.

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The bird can be a wonderful self sustaining pet though. They, like the bunny, live in a cage. They usually take up less room and can make food last for a couple days or so. It’s always important to have fresh water though so don’t think you can just completely ignore them. It’s important to have their wings clipped in case they fly out of the cage and attempt to fly right out of the house. You can create amazing bonds with birds which is why many will choose this animal as a pet.



  1. I would like to add squirrel to the list. If you can trap one and teach it, it makes a wonderful pet. We have many squirrels in our garden. I don’t want to make them pet. They look lovely jumping around on branches of the trees.

  2. We had birds growing up — parakeets! They were easy to care for, though the cages sometimes got a little stinky if you weren’t on point with cleaning. That wasn’t an issue for us very often though, and we loved having them!

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