What We (Writers) Should Avoid Doing Here at SI


I cannot tell you or the others what to do, especially that we are all writers on our own rights. However, being ushered from one revenue sites to another, I can’t help but express my own observation. I hope everyone agrees, but when you disagreed to these bulleted points I am going to present, you are free to say what’s on your mind. Having failed many times isn’t exclusive to me. I know several of us here must have learned our lessons well.
* Let’s not overcrowd the sites with too much personal information. Being writers we know for sure how an experience becomes an important learning experience and when it does not. We know how to segregate what makes sense and what doesn’t. The professionalism of this site depends on what topics we write and how we present these topics to our readers.


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* Let’s not be complacent with spammers and plagiarists entering the site. The problem with revenue sites that I have been working with before was too much selfishness going on with the writers. “I don’t care, as long as I am earning” prevails, to the point of considering those who are watchful as fussy and overbearing. I hope we help each other make this site different from the past revenue sites that went down.


* Let’s not assume that the CEO and all the staff of Seraphic Insights can oversee everything that is going on every minute of everyday. We don’t know the organizational structure of the site, and we don’t know the scope of work of each staff who are involve with Seraphic Insights.


* Let’s not put earning as top of our priorities to the point that we seek a “Support me – and I’ll support you” system. Sometimes even when we see that a person does not deserve our like, we do it because we think that this person can help raise our bank amount. We deserve to see quality work, so let’s only support quality work in SI.


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There are a lot of things I may have forgotten, but these points are on the lead and need to be mentioned, now that we are on a budding state. I hope doing away from these will help us bloom.

Best of luck!


    • That’s correct. But bullet number one says we have to choose well what to share and we have to be creative in how we share them so that it won’t look like a diary, In fact, if we read the site terms and conditions, it says something about posting TOO much personal stuff.

  1. Thank you for your very comprehensive advice. I agree that we should not be complacent with spammers and plagiarists. We should report them. They will ruin the site.

    I also agree with your support me and I’ll support you. Give and take relationship? Others feel that it’s our responsibility to like what they write whether we like it or not for all of us to earn. In return, they’ll also like your posts until both of you get tired of this.

    • It isn’t healthy to like a post with a vested interest. We look for quality articles to like so that people will also be inspired to write quality articles.

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