Who and What are OFWs


I will try to explain from my own knowledge what OFWs are. OFW is an acronym commonly used for identifying people : O – overseas F – Filipino W- worker.

A lot of Filipinos look for work abroad. Many in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi, Canada, Malaysia, UK and US. There are a lot more places but these are the most common areas. We are spread out all over the globe. Sometimes I am amazed when I find out small places or places rarely heard of have a lot of Filipino workers.

Some are able to work legally and sadly some illegally. Life here in the Philippines is not that easy. The economics is down and prices are very expensive. The other problem is the overpopulation. I guess we lack control. It seem like those who can barely afford to make a living have more children then those who are financially stable.

So these people knowing how hard life is try to find ways in going to look for work in other countries because the exchange rate for their currency is higher here in the Philippines. Like for example $1.00 computed to Philippines peso would be 46 pesos (the running rate today). So if an OFW can send $500 a month (minimum) it would be over 20,000.00 pesos around 23,000.00. That would be a big help for a standard family which consists of 2 parents and 2 children.

They look for any kind of job. Even teachers, nurses and other degree holders because they can not find work here in the Philippines works as a domestic helper, care giver, cashiers, waiters and waitresses. Anything as long as they can work. The eldest son or daughter usually goes ahead even if they have not finished their schooling to be able to help out their parents and to help their younger siblings finish their schooling. Sometimes it is the mother or the father who sacrifices to be separated from their families so they can provide the needs of the family. The education, the food and most especially to be able to provide a home.

Some common rates are: 1 of their currency to Philippine as copied from the :http://www.exchangerates.org.uk/Philippine-Peso-PHP-currency-table.html

AUD PHP33.1801Australian Dollars to Philippine Pesos
GBP PHP73.22981Pounds to Philippine Pesos
EUR PHP53.77151Euros to Philippine Pesos
NZD PHP30.25613New Zealand Dollars to Philippine Pesos
USD PHP46.62686Dollars to Philippine Pesos

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