WWE- World’s Most Entertaining Sport

“Time Will Change, Choice and taste will Change.”

In this World I have been experienced and seen the transformation of time, taste and choice of man. I have seen that time when childhood became in young and young time change in old age. I have experienced with the time period when a man’s choice and taste in every stages has been changed.  A kids like to play some indoor game or some in outdoor game but in later in his young time he make some transformation in his these kind of taste. Now a day in this present era of 21st century one third of the grown up child and younger people are like to be entertain with the world most popular sport show “WWE”(World Wrestling Entertainment).

On the starting stages of this Game show many critics are criticize this show as the show if Violence. But Later on it will be accepted as the most popular and professional game show of the time,

This beautiful and wonderful Sport has been started since 1980 by the anonymous and unique two personalities named as Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. The headquarter has been situated in Stamford, United State. It is the matter to think that how these two people are going to start and what kind of hurdles are came in their way.

People and media those were played a negative part in the promotions and advertisement of this show are now like to support and appreciate this  game of WWE as the world most popular game Show. This Organizations’ has now move to many country outside of United States like In India,Singapore,UK(England), Russia and Many more.

This positive responds to this game proved that People those are sitting in their room, working in their chamber or children those are studying in the schools and college all have a craze to WWE. This craze and popularity make it the World Most popular Entraining ports how.




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  1. Hi @manas9400. It is ‘entertaining’ and not ‘Eantairtaning’. Please proof-read your post before publishing. Grammatical mistakes are rampant. I would suggest you to form the habit of reading english news paper/s to improve your english. I am telling you in your own interest. So do not take it otherwise.

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